My Story

Hey, let me introduce myself. I'm Dean Neasham, and I grew up in Tucson, Az.
I am a Contemporary Christian Worship Leader, Solo Singer/Songwriter. I am a Music Technophobe, and I am the owner of Soundecision, a company that specializes in A/V installations. I teach guitar, bass, voice, music technolgy, videography, and all things music related. Along those lines, Monday thru Friday you can find me running the Lessons Department at Arizona Music Pro. I have spent the last 15 or so years on staff as the Contemporary Praise Band Worship Leader at the largest denominational church in Flagstaff. Having recently resigned from this position, I am excited to share with you some new directions I will be embarking on!

I have been doing music for about as long as I can remember. I started on brass instruments in the 5th grade, and joined the Tucson Boys Chorus in 6th grade. In high school and college I was in every choir and band you can imagine, with a strong emphasis in Barbershop/Acapella/Vocal groups. I started to dink around on the guitar in junior high, but it wasn't until my late 20's that I really sunk my teeth into it as my primary instrument. In my late 20's God captured my heart. To quote one of my favorite christian artists Steven Curtis Chapman, what a Great Adventure. God has taken me places, changed hearts, moved mountains, and I've firsthand witnessed miracles He's performed. All of which I have chronicled in songs and I can't wait to share them with you!

After too long a hiatus from writing and recording, I am setting out on an expedition in a new direction. I am going to focus in 2016 on creating weekend experiences that you and I will remember long after they have taken place. Experiences like a House Concert just for you and about 20 of your personal friends. How about a block of time where I come and examine/consult/train your A/V Team. Set aside a special rehearsal time with your worship team where I come in and work with them to really craft their sound to maximize their impact for the Kingdom. Does your worship leader need a vacation or a Sunday off to just enjoy the presence? I can step right in and lead your worship team for just such an occasion. Or mix and match any of the above scenarios to custom tailor the weekend experience. Be sure to check out the "Weekend Sample" page to see how we can customize your weekend. Any time block can be moved around to fit your needs!

Acoustic or Electric, Unplugged or Plugged, Contemporary or Traditional, or mix and match any of the aforementioned, be sure to contact me so we can start working on creating your weekend experience!

Here are a few of the technologies I am proficient in:

  • Analog and Digital Audio Systems
  • FOH or Monitor Audio Engineer


  • Multi Camera Analog/Digital Video Systems
  • Final Cut Studio 3 Software Suite
  • On Location Video Shoots/Services


  • Digital Performer/Pro Tools
  • Ableton Live
  • On Location Recording Services


  • Audio Video Installations


  • Powerpoint
  • EasyWorship
  • Mediashout
  • ProPresenter