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Dean Neasham - A Mentor 

God placed Dean in my life at the perfect time. I had been leading worship for over a decade but had lost the passion and drive to continue in this role. Dean shared his wisdom and past experiences with me. He assured me that my emotions were completely normal. He encouraged me to discover if leading worship was something God actually wanted me to do. This blunt notion to possibly leave the profession was exactly the right medicine: I realized that God truly wanted me to use my talents to serve His people. Dean treasures the concept that “God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the Called.” Without a doubt, God has called Dean to be a worship leader and Audio/Visual aficionado. But I am so thankful that God also called him to be a mentor for worship leaders like me. 

Nick Halonen – Worship Leader at Spirit Song United Methodist Church; Artistic Choir Director at Trevor G. Browne High School

Dean Neasham 

It was a blessing for me to worship with Dean for over a decade at Trinity Heights United Methodist Church.  Dean has a wonderful voice and can lead worship well as a soloist or as the leader of a worship team. Dean has a servant’s heart and was able, as a soloist, to prepare special music on short notice easily.  He is a versatile musician and can lead a service with acoustic hymn singing and contemporary songs, or in a more electric style of contemporary worship.  It would be a treat to have Dean provide background music at a home celebration, wedding, or outdoor party. 

Pastor Karol Brecheisen - former Trinity Heights United Methodist Church Pastor

Mr. Dean Neasham 

Dean Neasham = Mr. follow through and get-r-done.  Dean has been more than a friend as we served the same Church for close to two decades.   He has what it takes to bring a team together for whatever the purpose, be it music, worship, technical design and installation or just a trip to the lake.  I have seen this as both a music/worship team member and as Church leader dealing with facility issues. 
Dick Case - Drummer and Church Leadership

Working with Dean... 

“I’ve worked with Dean for many years playing with him as part of a worship team.  Dean pays special attention to all aspects of a performance- from basic items like stage appearance to achieving the exact sound and balance that he’s looking for.  He is organized, and puts a lot of thought and effort into preparations of performances. His enthusiasm and passion for music shows in everything he does!"

Peter Vermilyea - Drummer

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